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How much are the annual dues to the OJC HOA?

Every January, we place reminder signs near both of the entrances. Don’t forget to pay your annual $35 HOA dues. The due date is always January 31. They can be paid by check payable to OJCHOA and dropped off in the secure mailbox near the cul-de-sac on the corner of Kaitlyn and Benjamin’s Walk.

Why do I have to pay annual dues to the OJC HOA?

When you purchased a home in OJC, you elected to maintain that home in accordance with our restrictions.  The OJC HOA enforces these restrictions in its continual efforts increase the value of our quiet, lovely, residential neighborhood.

The HOA fee covers the following costs:

  1. Common areas’ lawn and fence maintenance
  2. Maintenance of entry signs and gardens at Hwy 73
  3. A PO box and a convenient postage-free mailbox (situated on the median at Kaitlyn and Bryan’s Crossing)
  4. Purchase and upkeep of flags and other decorations
  5. The organization of neighborhood garage sales
  6. Hosting of periodic social events
  7. Costs of printing flyers, welcome packets, etc.