Welcome to the Old Jefferson Crossing Homeowners Association

The primary goal of the association is to preserve our neighborhood’s character. We believe that we have the best subdivision in our area and are working hard to keep it looking clean and welcoming. With your help and support, our subdivision will continue to improve, increase in value, and attract home buyers in this area.

This website is for all homeowners and residents of Old Jefferson Crossing in Baton Rouge, LA.  The purpose of this website is to provide information you will find helpful and to stay current with what is going on in our neighborhood.

Our subdivision was first built in 1994 and the OJC HOA was formed in the Spring of 1999.  Since this date our local community has had several changes and new developments which have positively affected the value of our investment – our home in Old Jefferson Crossing.

This subdivision is made up of two filings. The first filing is made up of lots 1 – 48 located on Christopher’s Crossing and part of Bryan’s Crossing.  The second filing is made up of lots 49 – 130 located on the remainder of Bryan’s Crossing, all of Benjamin’s Walk, and all of Kaitlyn Drive.

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